Table Definitions

DroID contains three types of tables, including interaction data tables, Drosophila gene attribute tables, and interaction attributes tables. Table column names (used in downloaded text files), their short descriptive names (used on DroID web pages and in IM Browser when right clicking an interaction and choosing 'Edge attributes'), and their explanations are provided below. For a general description of each table see the database description page.

All of the data fields (columns) listed below are available in the interaciton list on the DroID web site. All fields can be used to search for or filter interaction networks using IM Browser.

Finley Yeast Two Hybrid Data

Curagen Yeast Two Hybrid Data

Hybrigenics Yeast Two Hybrid Data

DPIM coAP complex

Genetic Interactions - from Flybase

Yeast Interologs

Worm Interologs

Human Interologs

Gene Attributes

This table includes gene data periodically downloaded from Flybase and orthologs information from DroID.